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If this spring is a must have that you can not escape, it is this:

Round Ray Ban sunglasses!

This evocative retro shape stomps. The hippy-chic spirit of the 70’s goes back to the streets to spread the word. Discover the rebirth of the round Ray Ban sunglasses. If we travel to the past, we find actors, actresses, singers and other popular characters who did not resist showing off one of the most momentous trends in history in sunglasses: round sunglasses. John Lennon was one of the pioneers. Everyone remembers it with their little sunglasses or graduated, always round. Teashades, so called some to this particular style characteristic of that psychedelic era, which served to hide the effects of marijuana in the eyes.

Ray-Ban Round Metal RB3447

Today, the model is available in a multitude of options. The possibilities of getting a round sunglasses, a panty-suited sunglasses, have multiplied. The most accurate design is represented by the RB3447 Round Metal model, perfect for those looking for teashades in different colors!

poppy delevigne

Poppy Delevigne


Miley Cyrus


Ray-Ban RoundMetal RB3447N

Many of us love this model but we think it is too small for our face. If we are what we like for a goggle to cover something more, this model RB3447N RoundMetal is ideal. Choose it and you will not be confused!


RB3447N ClubRound RB4246

If you are still not convinced by any of these metal models, we present an option that combines with the acetate: The ClubRound RB4246, a symbiosis between Clubmaster and Round Metal with an unmistakable style, attracting many celebrities:

rb4246 jessica alba

Jessica Alba


In this selection are not all the round or oval Ray-Ban sunglasses there are, but a representation of the most fashionable and the most fashionable. Take a look at the website and discover the most beautiful models at the best price guaranteed. We are official distributors of all the glasses we present, so do not worry about originality. All models are accompanied by their beautiful vintage leather case!

Look this season for your round or oval sunglasses and do not miss the trend of the moment!