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Ideal sunglasses for small faces:

You have the small face and you have problems to find sunglasses that adapt to your factions? Don’t worry!

From Didizabas we will give you some little tricks and we will recommend some glasses that we believe will solve your problems!

Let’s start!


 How do I measure my face?

Thanks to this graphic photograph of Ray Ban we can give you some basic guidelines to know what exactly your face size is, information that will be very useful when choosing glasses!

Think that for it is very important to measure your caliber (we define caliber as the millimeters the length of the diameter of the sphere). According to the size of your face, the caliber will play a very important role.

Etnia barcelona #BeAnartist - Trendy glasses

A = If the edge of the credit card ends at the end of the eye, your size is the standard.

B = If the card extends beyond the end of the eye, the gauge of your eyeglass will be the small

C = If the credit card does not reach the end of the eye, you should always choose the large size.

Once we have this information, we can proceed to recommend you 3 glasses that we believe that in case your face is small you could be interested, all of them with caliber between 45 and 53 mm.


We recommend this glasses for several reasons. Its caliber is 48 mm, so it fits perfectly within the parameters we have recommended. Besides its shape adapts perfectly to all kinds of faces, so it always feels good. It is made of acetate and is in various shades, all with a very vintage style. At last you can go to the last one despite having limited measures!


It is a spectacle made to triumph. Summarize all trends this season. Round and with double metallic bridge. Its caliber is slightly larger but it fits perfectly in the small faces by its form.


The hit of this season par excellence. Small, full of uncontestable and timeless trends. Now with polarized lenses, Ray Ban has certainly created a must-have with this model, and perfect for small faces thanks to its caliber of 47mm.

Enjoy all these glasses and more on our website!