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What does the round glasses have that we love?

They have been trend for some time and they do not seem to go out of style. We love it, that’s clear, and it seems that no brand is resisting to create their own models of this style of glasses. Round or oval, both are desired wherever they go, but we have asked ourselves… What is the secret? Why do the round glasses go so well? And the answer is: 50’s and BOHO style, a basic.

We have realized that nowadays, in every wardrobe that is considered and worthy of a trend-setter, you must have attire of different styles, elements that take you out of any situation or event. From a good jewel for an elegant cocktail to a tracksuit (yes, yes … a track!) To go to run, or to move in more urban environments where it has been unquestionably fashionable to combine sportswear with formal elements. It is clear that whatever style you are, if you want to live up to any situation, round glasses should be part of your wardrobe. Why? Because they are ideal to accompany the vintage trend that has flooded the streets of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

His air to the fifties, remembering myths like the unmatched John Lennon, and his retro style perfectly complement any Boho look. But … What is boho? We just have to see photos of Sienna Miller or Kate Moos, queens of this style, to quickly identify it. A mixture of hippie of the 50’s, mixed with something of country and a little bit of ethnicity with clearly vintage bases. Wow, it has everything to succeed and that’s why we love it!

The recommended glasses … Sunglasses and graduated.

There are many brands that have made their own models, but we wanted to keep the most current. In glasses and sunglasses, brands like Epos, Etnia Barcelona or Ray-Ban give us options that fall in love! We hope you too!!

Epos Milano


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Enjoy, friends!