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Sunglasses 2017: The new trends that are going to fall in love!

In this post we want to present the new trends in sunglasses that will be trending in 2017, be prepared for changes in both materials and colors  and as new forms. Let’s start!

Glasses made of metal, a 2017 must. 

They will undoubtedly be the consolidation of glasses made with alloys, steel, etc. The double bridge will continue to be present, a trend that has hit very hard this year and is sure to repeat in 2017. The combinations of metal and paste in the construction of the glasses will also be a constant. If you like this style, do not hesitate to have a look at our models like the sunglasses Etnia Barcelona BORN

Neutral colors and more pastel on the lenses

Although not going to disappear, the intense colors will have to coexist with other lines much softer in the new collections of sunglasses for 2017. More neutral and less saturated tones gain weight in the new season and, without a doubt , Pink quartz, the fashionable color of 2016, will also be one of the most booming in the next year. There will also be more sweets, like pastel blue, and warmer, like brown and reddish tones.

Dior Abstract

Round sunglasses, a must.

Yes, after a few years in which sunglasses with rounded shapes appeared timidly in the most sold references, we are sure that within the most popular 2017 sunglasses there will be numerous models of glasses with rounded lines, either oval or totally Circulars. But the novelties go further, round glasses adopt and mix different styles, such as John Lennon’s tea-shades or even cat-eyes, resulting in more innovative and contemporary model.

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