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Graduated glasses: You can now graduate your favorite glasses!

You can now graduate your sunglasses and eywear with the new Didizabas online graduation system! Graduated glasses at the best price!

Choose your favorite glasses and select «Graduate your glasses», here you can select the type of glass you want, indicate your graduation, choose the thickness of the crystals and its tinting. You can graduate any glasses from € 20!

Monofocal or Progressive?

Progressive lenses have a progressive graduation from near to far. In this way, the bottom of the lens is graded for near vision, the middle portion is graduated for intermediate vision and the upper for far vision. Whereas the monofocal lenses have the same graduation in all its surface.

How can I know my graduation?

Remember that only an ophthalmologist or optometrist can grading and determining the graduation you need. Do not forget to do it every year. Our opticians are at your disposal in any of our establishments to graduate your eyesight and advise you on the type of correction you need, do not hesitate to consult them by calling 610 054 055 or by sending an e-mail to

You have all the information about the sphere, cylinder, axis and pupil distance on the same graduation page! Do not forget to check it out!

We do not want to say goodbye without reminding you that our crystals are from Grupo Prats (, the best quality crystals available in the market.

Choose your favorite glasses and have your GRADUATED GLASSES!