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Etnia Barcelona: wanted by all the celebrities

It is more than clear that Etnia Barcelona is slowly becoming a gap between the elite of designers and creators of glasses. At this point its  models do not go unnoticed by anyone and the star-system world could not be less, all your favourite celebrities want them and we explain why!

Vintage and modern style, the best mix.

But … What have the glasses of Etnia Barcelona to make everyone fall in love with them? What does celebrities of the stature of Selena Gomez, Cate Blanchett, Margott Robbie, the supermodel Cara Delevigne or the very Beyoncé have seen on them? Clearly its urbanite character, modern, full of color and joy while at the same time combining it with style and elegance with touches of vintage and boho. An explosive cocktail, no doubt!

The Spanish «It-girls» also love them!

But not only across the ocean are in love with the models of this brand based in Barcelona. Obviously in our country are also a favorite of the Spanish girls like Maria León or Úrsula Corbero, who did not hesitate to demonstrate their faith in the brand for a long time.

Made in Barcelona to the rest of the world.

Their designs breathe art and culture, perhaps that’s why they are also a favorite in show business. His designs, of which we have already spoken in some other post, are based on experiences, trips, lives full of stories. Its vintage collection models are inspired by some of the most charming neighborhoods in the world, or its Originals collection, such as the Etnia Princesa for example, expresses the daily rhythm of the city through color, design, originality.

Fashion, light and art. Never fashion and art had been so united and now comes the best … They are within your reach! Because for once, quality-price go hand in hand with this brand. So there’s no excuse…