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Art and Fashion

Essedue sunglasses are the result of 50 years of experience in the optical industry, with the purpose of merging the Italian tradition with technology and innovation.

Stefano Scauzillo and his passion for design is responsible for this line of sunglasses of high quality and beauty, with a nod to art and fashion.

The Essedue glasses are for men and women who like to enjoy the beauty of life. The distinguishing mark of each Essedue frames, both graduated and sun, is the care of detail, in accordance with the high standards of quality of Italian artisan production.

The design, the choice of colors and the care of details are fundamental elements in the process of creating the Essedue glasses.

Essedue: cool aesthetic and fun, at the best price!

Their daring models have found a permanent site among our favorite collections.

But not only do we fall in love with its designs and quality, but also the fun campaigns of the brand, always fresh and young, friends of pop culture and a very trendy style that draws attention to those most interested in aesthetics and colors .

You can enjoy them at any time on our website at really incredible prices thanks to our promotion of 40% discount on all its models.

You can not miss it! Visit us at and choose your favorite!