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Anti-reflective lenses: Why are they better?

Reflections on the lenses are very uncomfortable and also make vision difficult. The treatment of the anti-reflective lenses diminishes them and improves the visual quality, allowing you to enjoy many advantages. We explain some of them!

1. See better by day and also by night. It reduces the reflections produced by the headlights of the cars, the luminous signs or the lampposts.

2. Show your eyes. By significantly reducing the reflection of light on the lenses, they make them more aesthetic.

3. Reduce headaches and eye fatigue. It is especially useful if you spend many hours in front of the computer or outdoors in a strong sun.

4. Have lenses that are more resistant to scratches and easier to clean.

Great, right? Have we convinced you? Do not hesitate to ask for them when you buy your new glasses!